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The majority of us have at least when got distressed over having a stain ruin our preferred clothing. We always hope that some rather expensive detergents and dry-cleaning can remove it and bring our things back to life. Many of us can find some fantastic stain elimination products at home, some of which applied to such stains can remove them without any trouble. It is fantastic how basic such home stain elimination procedure and its ingredients can be. Let's take a look at the most commonly made spots and their diy elimination techniques.

- Coffee or cacao stain

There are numerous techniques of such stain elimination. The easiest one is applying some salt on the stain, dampening it, leaving it there for a while, and washing it off.

In case this does not work or if you have a quite 'old' coffee stain, you might apply some warm 1,5 percents liquid ammonia on it.

Another choice to remove such spots is rubbing them with the mix of vinegar and spirit combined in equal proportion.

Coffee or cacao stains on silk or wool fabrics can be eliminated using warm glycerine. You simply put some glycerine on a cotton wool and tidy the stain with it. You wash it off in a quarter of an hour with the water adding some more glycerine dissolved in it.

- Fish and milk discolorations

Milk discolorations can be gotten rid of by long soaking in glycerine. Fish discolorations have to be first washed with warm soapy water and then took in glycerine water.

Wool material fish discolorations can be gotten rid of by soaking them in glycerine and liquid ammonia water service (both glycerine and ammonia are included equal parts).

- Blood stains

Such spots, whether they are fresh or old, have actually to be cleaned just by cold water. Old blood discolorations can be soaked in cold water with some liquid ammonia.

Blood spots on white materials can be eliminated with hydrogen peroxide. If the stain would not come off after such treatment, you might wash it with hydrogen peroxide and borax.

- Beer and Champaign spots

Such spots can be gotten rid of by application of the following mixture: glycerine, liquid ammonia and wine spirit blended in equivalent parts. This mix can be used for any sort of fabrics.


- Sweating spots

Colored materials sweat stains can be removed by applying fuel or acetone on them. Many evident white or light color materials sweat discolorations can be gotten rid of by using a salt option to them.

The listed above stain removal methods appear to be rather easy, but they are no less reliable then detergent stain cleaning, while being more economical than other cleaning suggests.

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